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1. | Jan 22, 2018
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3. | Apr 6, 2014
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4. | Apr 4, 2014
Thanks for your support. I’ll take raotnial over fevered flaming any day.Hah, no problem. I'm actually not trying to take sides, since I think you're both among the better commenters I've encountered on this site (not to mention the fact that you both want to see legal cannabis). But you really know how to piss the man off, I'll give you that.I don't mind the concept of a contest to get more people commenting. But the moderation bots should filter comment spam just as readily as offensive language. Something about constantly posting the same thing over and over seems to ruin the spirit of the contest.
5. | Apr 4, 2014
that people like me eqtuae marijuana to alcohol.Hes a punk, the kind of disengenuous full of crap people that I have no tolerance for.To have your opinion is one thing. But to base your argument on accusations and falsehoods stated as fact that you cannot prove is just plain sleazyHe lies, hes an opportunist in that he demeans the sources that argue his point and supports that same source when it makes his point.He promotes the cause on stupid statements such as pot to be ABSOLUTELY safe and that there are none of the obvious problems seen with pot to worry about.He reminds me of when Ahmajinedad stood in front of the world and said that they have no gays in Iran, his country does not have this problem .Makes me just wanna run up to the podium and b*tch slap the punk.My potty mouth was nothing compared to the insulting nature of his premise.When some refuses to acknowledge posts of mine declaring my position that are time stamped and years old and instead base his argument on a charcterization of me that he pulled out his rump that person is not to be trusted What I find interesting is that the same crowd that voted for pot also voted down gay marriage
6. | Jan 9, 2014
Allen Yes, everybody forgtes about Reagan’s massive debt he created by borrowing and spending like a wild elephant in the china closet. For Republican voters to pontificate the virtues of Reaganomics as fiscally responsible is the political joke of the millennium. Reagan’s stated reason for becoming Republican, was that he didn’t believe it fair that he should be taxed a percentage more than a person barely able to survive on their income. Fact is he was a dullard, (his own chosen biographers words not mine), unable to comprehend basic concepts. So what he meant by, “Government getting out of the way”, was clearly government getting out of HIS way and screw the unclean masses struggling to survive. Apparently he had a high opinion of himself, because if there would be any relief for the poor, it would come on his terms, in amounts he chooses as charity. I suppose we were all to kiss his arse if that charitable amount was considered insufficient. If I were Christie, I would be offended at Reagan references. I doubt that Christie is offended by much at all.
7. | Jan 8, 2014
they will take part in a debate on WBGO Jazz 88 on Thursday, October 22 at 8pm. But Republican gunarbetorial nominee Christopher Christie is waiting to see how Corzine responds to debate invitations from League of Women Voters debate for October 16, which would have been broadcast by the New York and Philadelphia ABC affiliate, and from NJ 101.5. Jon Corzine is afraid to debate on a major network affiliate with a large audience but agrees to a debate on a station whose board is stacked with Democrat party loyalists, said Christie strategist Michael DuHaime. He should be willing to go on network if for no other reason than to apologize to as many New Jerseyans as possible for raising income, business and property taxes, taking way property tax rebates and property tax deductions and doubling the unemployment rate. On Election Day, he won't be able to hide behind his money anymore. After Corzine initially refused to participate in New Jersey Network's October 1 debate that was sanctioned by the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC), NJN tried to move it back to October 22, since Corzine indicated he would take part then. That led to ELEC's four commissioners deadlocked along partisan lines, and to Corzine acquiescing to the original date. Christie Campaign Manager Bill Stepien then issued a statement inviting Corzine to debate on the later date, since it appears his schedule is also open for a debate on Oct. 22. While we have agreed to the debate, Christie has not, even after he challenged the governor to debate on that very same date-, said Corzine spokeswoman Elizabeth Smith.WBGO News Director Doug Doyle said that the October 22 date is not final, and that the station is attempting to find a way to accommodate all three candidates. There's nothing official on that on any side, because it's still in the preliminary talks, he said.The Newark-based station reaches the northern half of New Jersey, all five boroughs of New York City and parts of New York State. Doyle said that he will look into partnering up with other public radio stations if he can confirm a date with all three candidates.
8. | Dec 20, 2013
My daughter (oldest child) turns 16 in five days and will be eliibgle for her driver's permit. So, you see, your words are perfectly timed. It hadn't occurred to me that I might experience what you described, but as I read your entry I realized that this is EXACTLY what I'm going to be feeling. And with your advance notice, I have time to prepare myself a bit, and perhaps handle this transition, and the loss and the gain that goes with it, more gracefully. Thank you.
9. | Dec 19, 2013
What a good job you were there to look after her and call an ambulance! I liked your use of sound efcefts, and you used the ellipsis ( ) really well to build up suspense. I also really liked the use of the word spun' a really powerful verb to show how quickly you turned.Have a look again at this sentence now: I put one of my long hands onto the door when suddenly… Can you think of a better adjective for your hand than long'?
10. | Oct 5, 2013
well youre right but when i first time watched this it was terbirle feeling and it was bad ass pile up btw i hope they are probably all alive but shit happens everything else se Dio vuole..saluti da italia e udine..ciao
11. | Oct 4, 2013
There is more than 50km from any city with PD/FD or ambulance. Not a fly wteaher for ambulance helicopter. Why you think nobody call them?And in this situation there is no possibility to help injured 'cause the may have broken bones or neck you rather kill him not help. And i such a temperatire they will be frozen in any way